Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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The Moisture-Mac uses the electrical properties of water to provide an indirect method of moisture determination, but instead of using a balance to determine the mass of the sample, (Mass and temperature measurements are required for most capacitance based moisture analysers) has a fixed volume sample cup.

The screw down compression cap is used to help provide uniform density.

Because there is no internal balance, these units virtually never fall out of calibration. Made with quality components and rugged design withstand operating conditions in the field, and ensure years of trouble free service.

Quick and accurate results are obtained with no need for sample preparation. Samples must satisfy the basic criteria for capacitance based moisture analysers

  • Uniform Chemical Composition
  • Uniform Packing Density
  • Hygroscopic Properties.

No charts to read or complicated instructions, meaning virtually no operator training is required. No moving parts reduces down time for calibrations, adjustments, or repairs.

Compact design is great for testing for coffee or grain moisture at remote locations.

Programmed for green and parchment coffee. Raw data values (Bit Values) may be used with a spreadsheet to establish moisture curves for any suitable commodity.