Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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The Mazzer Robur Electronic grinder is the largest of the Mazzer range and is different from the Kony due to the size of the motor and different from the Major with the introduction of conical blades. With the addition of these blades the speed the blades need to rotate to grind large quantities of coffee is reduced. Conical blades enable a faster grind than flat blades due to the different cutting process and with the reduced speed of the blades less heat is distributed over the coffee.

Suitable for café’s consuming a minimum of 20kg/week, the Mazzer Robur Electronic features stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment ensuring easy and consistent adjustments to grind size. On-demand grinding with electronic dose adjustment and single and double dose with independent adjustment. The digital display with shot counter is high quality, easy to read and durable. The Kony also includes the ventilation device with electronic control to keep the motor cool.



Power 900 Watt
Grinding blades Conical Ø 71 mm - 2¾ inches (ref. 186C)
Grinding blade speed  420 rpm
Hopper capacity
1,8 kg
Net weight 28 kg