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"This grinder provides you the flexibility to grind for both espresso and traditional cupping, as well as drip, filter, batch, French press, Turkish, and so on."

The new EK43-S offers all the features of the EK43 in a smaller, space-saving housing. With uniform grain size distribution and minimal residue in the grinding chamber, the EK43-S masters both the espresso or filter coffee at the Coffee Bar as well as the bag-wise grinding or tasting in the laboratory.



Motor output 1300 Watt
Revolutions per minute 1450 rpm
Ø Burrs  98 mm
Espresso point production
Time x dosis Espresso (7gr)
Hopper capacity 800 gr
Product dimensions (height x width x depth) 230 x 680 x 410 mm
Packing dimensions (height x width x depth) 370 x 580 x 710 mm
Net weight 24.5 kg
Gross weight 28.5 kg