Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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ColourTrack is part of a new wave of laser technology breakthroughs, made possible by pc based data acquisition hardware and software. The ColourTrack Laser Module transmits and receives some 10,000 individual readings in a one second scan. Since the recommended scan time is 20 seconds, that leaves about 200,000 readings to be analysed per test.

The unique signal generated by the laser module, operates specifically in the 785 nanometer range of the colour spectrum, which is the optimum range for detection of shade differences, and never before available on a colour analyser.

The combination of the type of signal, and the dramatically increased sample size, have provided an instrument capable of analysing roasted coffee colour, in ways never before imagined. It may be possible in time to eliminate the grinding and other sample preparation procedures altogether. 

Winner of the SCAA Best New Product Open Class 2009, the benchtop ColourTrack takes 200,000 reflection readings on a roasted coffee sample, in a 20 second scan. The results are delivered to a PC, including graphical representation, and a comprehensive statistical breakdown, including the average reading, mode, median, and standard deviation. Profiles can be saved as a file for storage or export.


Roast degree is the term used to describe the overall level of, "doneness" of a batch of roasted coffee.

However, because the physical and chemical properties of green coffee beans vary, as well as the time and temperature parameters employed in roasting specific profiles, the colour of the roasted beans only represents, "doneness" relative to the specific roast profile, as it is defined.

Two identical green coffee bean samples can be roasted to the same colour, but have different physical characteristics, most notably in bean size, pore size and pore volume, by simply changing the temperature and time parameters.

Colour is simply the most practical gauge of how complete the specific roast is.