Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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  • 4 x Thermocouple Graphing and ROR
  • Gas and Fan Graphing
  • Drum Speed Graphing and Control
  • Humidity and Ambient Temperature
  • 50 Saved Profiles
  • 1st Crack and Second Crack Development Time and Ratio
  • 10 Temperature Based Rules for Gas and Fan
  • Basic Reporting and Cupping
  • Unlimited Temperature Based Rules for Gas, Fan and Drum Speed
  • Green Bean and Blend Detail
  • Detailed Report with export to PDF, EXCEL and WORD
  • Live and compare Turnpoint
  • Add notes live and in a saved profile
  • Bean RoR on the main graph
  • Expand variable instrument panel
  • Dynamic Scaling of the Main Graph
  • Zoom function for graphs
  • Compare up to 50 profiles on the one graph