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At CRA we design and manufacture complete blower loading systems for green beans.

In order to complete a full system you will require:

  • Floor Hopper
  • Blower Fan
  • Hoses and Clamps
  • Enclosed Roaster Hopper

This system works on the principle of blowing air to push up the coffee beans to the hopper. The advantage with this system is that it is good for larger roasters or where the roasters hopper gate is not very air tight. This system does not need to be as air tight as the vacuum system. This system can also transfer the green beans faster than the vacuum system.

We have designed systems aftermarket for many brands of coffee roasters before. Usually we have to custom design the hopper lid for the roaster to ensure the system is enclosed. This system requires an exhaust outlet that can be ducted external or to a dust filter.

Contact us to enquire about a system for your coffee roasters on 07 5529 0888.