Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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Batch Capacity - Maximum  45kg Green Coffee (depending on screen size)
Batch Capacity - Minimum 10kg Green Coffee
Typical Roasting Time 10-18 mins
Hourly Production Capacity 180kg Green Coffee
Power 415V 50-60Hz 20amp Three Phase
Heating Method


Roaster - Direct 5 x POLIDORO

Afterburner - Indirect ECOFLAM

Max Gas Consumption Rating

(maximum firing rate of burners)

Roaster: 360Mj/hr

Afterburner: 432Mj/hr

Total: 792Mj/hr

Nominal Gas Consumption
Total: approx 400-450Mj/hr
Supply Gas Pressure LPG (30mbar(, NATURAL (30mbar)
Cooling Time 3-4 Minutes
Destoning Time
3-4 Minutes
Drum Motor 1.50kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Drum Fan Motor 0.75kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Cooler Mixer Motor 0.75kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Cooler Motor 2.20kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Destoner Motor 1.5kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Operation Control Coffee Sweet Automation system with PC integration with Panel PC Touchscreen
Side of Operation Right
Roaster with Cyclone Weight 950kg
Complete Line Weight 1450kg
Roaster Exhaust Outlets

Cyclone 200mm DIA - OD

Cooler 200mm DIA - OD

Afterburner 350mm DIA - OD

Main Door Function

Hopper Door - Pneumatic Actuator (Manual Override)

Drum Door - Pneumatic Actuator (Manual Override)

Cooler Tray - Manual Slide Gate

Destoner - Manual Slide Gate

Emission and Product Control

Green Bean Loader - Dust

Cyclone Separator - Particulates (Chaff)

Process Afterburner - Particulates, Odour, Smoke

Destoner - Foreign matters (stones, metal, etc)