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Appliance Manufacturer CRA Technology (a division of Coffee Roasters Australia)
Appliance Type Afterburner (Thermal Oxidizer)
Batch Capacity Roaster - Maximum 30kg Green Coffee
Build Materials 304 Stainless Steel insulated combustion chamber with Powdercoated Steel Frame
Power 240V 50Hz 10amp Single Phase
Heating Method

Ecoflam MAXGAS 70 Lo Nox Package Burner

Gas: LPG

Max Gas Consumption Rating 254.00Mj/hr
Nom Gas Consumption 120-170Mj/hr depending on usage
Gas Supply Pressure LPG (2,75kPa)
Combustion Chamber Volume 0.375cm
Ventilation Requirements 254mm DIA Insulated Main Duct - with ceramic fiber insulation. Duct to atmosphere
Operation Control Standard is interlocked to the coffee roaster

1x Overtemperature Control

1x Process Temperature Control

1x Air Pressure Switch

1x Low Gas Pressure Switch

1x Siemens Burner Safety Controller

1x Double Block AGA Approved Valve Train

Roaster Exhaust Outlets Cyclone 200mm DIA
Emission Control Efficiency  Ringlemann No 1