Coffee Roast Profiling Software


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  • Double wall carbon steel drum design for optimal heat transfer. 3mm gap between layers ensures perfect heat transfer for homogeneous roasting whilst reducing the chance of the bean tipping.
  • Additional insulation in the combustion chamber to ensure more efficient operation and retention of heat.
  • Very quick cooling 2-3mins with high capacity 1.1kw cooling motor.
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling for maximum production output.
  • High efficiency Cyclone featuring detachable chaff bucket with level site inspection window.
  • Site glasses for viewing in Drum Roasting, Burner Flame and Hopper Level. Coffee sampler for removing coffee beans and inspecting during the roasting process.
  • Green coffee loading system with floor vacuum receiver and dust filter system.
  • Stainless Steel destoner with 45kg silo capacity. Quick destoning times 3-4mins with the cycle time automated through the software. Variable speed suction control and precise calibration of hopper flow.
  • Efficient process afterburner treating both drum and cooling smoke and odour emissions. 50mm chamber insulation for maximum heat efficiency. Ringclip modular ducting kit options for easy installation.


  • Automatic hopper door with electric actuator for precise and automatic loading of the coffee into the drum at the start of a profile. Quiet operation with no compressor required.
  • Automatic drum door with electric actuator for precise and automatic dumping of coffee from the drum to the cooling tray and starting of the cooling cycle. Ability to set bean temperature automatic dump in software as well as cooling cycle time and mixer actuator speed.
  • Automatic cooling tray door with electric actuator for automatic dumping from the cooling tray and starting of the destoning process. Parameters controlled through the software.
  • Next generation Coffee Sweet PC control system designed specifically for the Phantom Series of roasters.
  • 8x faster processing speed with 3x independent processers for increased functionality, additional storage space and future upgrades.
  • Real time graphing of all 4 thermocouple temperatures, Gas, Fan, Drum Speed and Rate of Rise on all.
  • Independent control module on the roaster with its own memory as well as PC connection allows for backup in case of computer issue.
  • Independent ambient temperature monitoring and relative humidity sensor.
  • 150 synced profile memory with automation. Infinite non-synced profiles can be stored on a PC.
  • 0-100 finite control over burner and drum fan. Control in 1% increments allows for more precise control over the roasting process. Burner modulation is from 0-100 in less than a second.
  • RS232 or Bluetooth interface with Coffee Sweet PC Software. Full control and automation PC.
  • 5 different automation options allowing the user to operate the roaster to suit their roasting style.
  • Cooling and destoning process controlled through the software. User can adjust setting for automatic cooling process to ensure optimal efficiency and hands off functionality.
  • Afterburner is controlled through the software to ensure that it only runs during the roasting process to save on gas usage.
  • Full manual override control at any time.
  • Vast amount of data collection and display: Load Temp, Dump Temp, Batch Size, Times, Turning Point, Development Time Ratios, ROR (Mean and Mode), 1st and 2nd Crack Development Periods.
  • Compare profiles and create reports with cupping results. Detailed analytical features.
  • Loaded with many safety features including automatic overtemperature control set points on all thermocouples and alarms with high limit cut off.


  • The PHANTOM SERIES roaster is made of high quality construction using modern manufacturing process with minimal tolerances. Advanced CAD design of all parts.
  • High quality Italian made 3 Phase motors and gearboxes with long life bearings. All electric motors are operated through a Variable Frequency Inverter for more efficient and safer control with speed control.
  • High quality Omron and Schneider Electrical components.
  • Italian made burners with very low turn down ration for finite control of profiles right down to minimal batch size.
  • High quality castors with levelling drop down feet makes for easy installation.


  • Equipment is configured to meet the strictest AGA Type B gas and electrical standard ensuring optimal safety and compliance.
  • Safest roaster on the market with over temperature monitoring of 5 independent thermocouples and cyclone water sprinkler.
  • Hinged cooling tray safety cover and protection on all automated doors to prevent easy access to moving parts whilst the machine is running *Option to remove tray cover.
  • Cooling Tray safety cover with hinged lid.
  • All main serviceable areas and components accessible for easy maintenance.
  • Slide out draw for capturing and emptying any chaff falling between the front of the drum.


Batch Capacity - Maximum 22-23kg Green Coffee (depending on screen size)
Batch Capacity - Minimum 1-2kg Green Coffee
Typical Roasting Time 10-17 mins
Hourly Production Capacity 88-92kg Green Coffee
Power 240V 50Hz 20amp Single Phase
Heating Method


Roaster - Direct 5x POLIDORO

Afterburner - Indirect ECOFLAM

Max Gas Consumption Rating

(maximum firing rate of burners)

Roaster: 180Mj/hr

Afterburner: 252Mj/hr

Total: 432Mj/hr


Nominal Gas Consumption
Total: approx 200-250Mj/hr
Minimum Gas Pressure LPG (3kPa), NATURAL (3kPa)
Cooling Time 2-3 Minutes
Destoning Time 3-4 Minutes
Drum Motor 0.75kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Drum Fan Motor

0.37kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive

Cooler Mixer Motor 0.37kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Cooler Motor 1.50kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Destoner Motor 1.50kw 3 Phase with Variable Speed Drive
Operation Control Coffee Sweet Automation system with PC integration
Side of Operation Right
Roaster with Cyclone Weight 650kg
Complete Line Weight 1040kg
Roaster Exhaust Outlets

Cyclone 148mm DIA - OD

Cooler 148mm DIA - OD

Afterburner 248mm DIA - OD

Main Door Function

Hopper Door - Electric Actuator (Manual Override)

Drum Door - Electric Actuator (Manual Override)

Cooler Tray - Electric Actuator

Destoner - Manual Slide Gate

Emission and Product Control

 Green Bean Loader - Dust

Cyclone Separator - Particulates (Chaff)

Process Afterburner - Particulates, Odour, Smoke

Destoner - Foreign matter (stones, metal)