Coffee Roast Profiling Software



Serious coffee roasting equipment.
Coffee roasting is a serious business, and at Coffee Roasters Australia we understand the many requirements for those establishing or expanding a coffee roasting business.
Coffee Roasters Australia only works with established and high-quality brands. The products that we stock cover the widest range of coffee roasting equipment from sample use through to industrial use.
The main brands we supply are CRA Technology, Phantom Series (see category 'Phantom Series Coffee Roasters'), and we occasionally stock some second hand coffee roasters (see category 'Second Hand Roasting Equipment).
Each of these manufactures offers a different set of product advantages ensuring that our customers have access to the widest range. Our in-depth knowledge of the equipment including gas and electrical gives us the ability to tailor coffee shop or an industrial setting.
Each of the brands we supply meet a specific need in the market and we are certain that you will be able to find something suitable for your needs.
If you can't find what you are looking for, contact us today
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Coffee Sweet can be installed on any coffee roaster either as a full controllable system or as a datalogging interface. Coffee Sweet is available as a basic free version with the option to purchase additional modules on a subscription basis that allows the user to access more advance control and analytical features.

  • User friendly and visually superior layout
  • Advanced graphing features
  • Advanced Technology with multiple inputs
  • Realtime logging and data collection/analysis
  • Datalogging or full control hardware option

Pricing Plans


Free /month


  • 4 x Thermocouple Graphing and ROR
  • Gas and Fan Graphing
  • Humidity and Ambient Temperature
  • 50 Saved Profiles
  • 1st Crack and Second Crack Development Time and Ratio
  • 10 Temperature Based Rules for Gas and Fan
  • Basic Reporting and Cupping

Pro Sweet

$35 (USD) /month


  • All of the Basic features +
  • Drum Speed Graphing and Control
  • Humidity and Ambient Temperature
  • 1st Crack and Second Crack Development Time and Ratio
  • Unlimited Temperature Based Rules for Gas, Fan and Drum Speed
  • Green Bean and Blend Detail
  • Detailed Report with export to PDF, EXCEL and WORD
  • Live and compare Turnpoint
  • Add notes live and in a saved profile
  • Bean RoR on the main graph
  • Expand variable instrument panel
  • Dynamic Scaling of the Main Graph
  • Zoom function for graphs
  • Compare up to 50 profiles on the one graph


$30 (USD) /month


  • Manage cupping of production samples
  • Detailed Cupping evaluation reports


$30 (USD) /month


  • Manage green bean inventory
  • Production Scheduling and Management


Data Logger
Coffee Sweet
Data Logger

$299.00 (USD)

6mm Dia K-Type

$69.00 (USD)

Compression Fitting
6mm Thermocouple
Compression Fitting

$18.00 (USD)

3mm Thermocouple
3mm Dia K-Type

$80.00 (USD)

3mm Compression Fitting
3mm Thermocouple
Compression Fitting

$18.00 (USD)


What temperature sensors are required?

As standard K-Type Ungrounded Thermocouples

CRA Technology supplies a number of thermocouple and compression fitting options.

Does Coffee Sweet work on my roaster?

Coffee Sweet datalogging system will work on any coffee roaster and the full controllable system is standard on the Phantom Coffee Roaster range and can be fitted aftermarket to any drum roaster.

If your roaster is not a Phantom or other modified roaster with the full Coffee Sweet control hardware you can buy the datalogging PCB module and install to any roaster.

What requirements do I need to run Coffee Sweet?

Coffee Sweet runs on a Windows based environment. Some users are running Coffee Sweet on Mac using a parallel Windows program.

We recommend a I5 to I7 processer for best functionality.

How do I learn how to use it?

Coffee Sweet software has extensive user manuals in the “HELP” section of the menu bar.

For customers that sign up to Pro Sweet licensed version online training is conducted through Teamviewer or demos are available at the CRA factory.

How do I install Coffee Sweet?

Coffee Sweet is downloaded via a weblink and utilises a Windows Installer package to install the program and drivers.

Advice on Hardware installation is provided and CRA Technology can install hardware onto roasters send to our factory.

Can Coffee Sweet control my machine?

Yes, the Phantom Series Roasters that we supply are fully controllable through Coffee Sweet from the gas, fan speed, drum speed, all the doors, afterburner and destoner and the whole process can be automated.

CRA Technology can also upgrade roasters sent to our factory with the full control version.